Occupations In High Demand in Nova Scotia Canada – 2022

occupations in demand

A snapshot of occupations in Demand in Nova Scotia. Heath care, construction or general labour has a significant high employment opportunity.

1. Health care

Canada, like much of the developed countries, has an aging population. The Conference Board of Canada estimated that the percentage of seniors can take up to 21% in the next 10 years. The aging population will cause significant increase in the cost of healthcare, reduce labor participation, and increase the demand for healthcare workers. To solve to problem caused by this matter, Canada creates a new immigration pathway which helps fill labors gaps in health care sector. It is predicted that the sector is growing, and Health Care Workers are in high demand.

NOC job category:

NOC 3413: nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates

2. Construction

NOC 7611: Construction trades helpers and labourers

The employment outlook as a construction trades and labourers in Nova Scotia for the 2021- 2023 period will be good. Due to the high level of activity in the construction industry, the demand for this position is currently strong.

Construction trades helper and labourers assist skilled tradespersons and perform labouring activities at construction sites. Median hourly pay for this job is $19.

3. Food and beverage servers, kitchen helpers and related support occupations

Due to the impact of Covid 19, many people are change to other industries, and business owners are experience difficulty recruiting servers, therefore, it leads to significant opening positions for food and beverage servers. Your employment can be in restaurants, bars, hotels, private clubs, banquet halls, and so much more.

The median income by hour is $15. Tips usually supplement the wages of people worked in these jobs.

NOC 6513: Food and beverage servers

NOC 6711: Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations

NOC 0631: Restaurant and food service managers

4. Science, Business, Engineering, and administration related jobs

Besides health care and general labour jobs, occupation in sciences including computer and information system jobs, financial and accountant, or administrative officers are general still in high demand.

Jobs in various engineering fields and business have enjoyed good employment prospects. Employees can work remotely, therefore were not negatively impacted by Covid-19 pandemic.

NOC 0414: Other managers in public administration

NOC 1241 : Administrative assistants

NOC 2173: Software engineers and designers

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