Hospitality Management Program
Hospitality Management Program

Learn. Work. Gain Experience in Canada

Program Overview

The Hospitality Management diploma program provides a comprehensive study of major aspects of running a hospitality operation. Courses include an introduction to the hospitality industry, rooms division operations, food and beverage operations, marketing, accounting, and supervision. 

Admission Requirements
What you need to know


 Exploring the career path that suits you.

Internship component accounts for 50% of program duration. You will get the opportunity to gain Canadian experience, alongside with exploring the career path that suits you.

What Will You Learn?

The program provides students with practical knowledge and skills in various position in hospitality operations, with foundational knowledge of the various operation areas of a hotel.

Develop an understanding of the hospitality industry and its operations

Understand the functions of hospitality and the communication skills necessary to effectively interact with diverse clients and service providers

Be prepared for various positions in hospitality operations, including supervisory or management trainee positions

Develop a customer-focused service culture


Supervision in the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality Facilities Management and Design


Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry


Managing Front Office Operations


Managing Housekeeping Operations


Managing Hospitality Human Resources


Hospitality Sales and Marketing


Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality Today: An Introduction


Security and Loss Prevention


Management Managing Service in Food and Beverage


Operations Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting

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Employment Opportunities

Hospitality Management program open wide career path for students with options to work in various industries including food & beverage, tourism management, event planning, or entertainment and leisure industries. 

Hospitality management industry is of the fastest-growing industries in the world. And Canada is one of the most visited countries, it provides incredible job opportunities. Below are some examples of occupations that you can pursuit:

Employment & Career

$22 - $25

Average Earnings

average hourly earnings in BC’s Tourism and Hospitality sector



for jobs in tourism
are expected by 2028



in BC’s tourism
and hospitality sector

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